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Ludo is an in-house App Developer, also offering consulting support to other mobile games developers. We specialise in optimizing games performance & advanced rendering techniques.  In short…

We play games and we make games.  Like this one:

Backgammon 3D

Backgammon 3D is Ludo’s first game published on iOS & Android

2 Player Pass and Play

The Classic Board Game

The classic game of Backgammon brought to your

phone to challenge yourself or play with a partner.


  • Pass n Play: so you can play a game with someone you’re sitting next to.
  • 2 Player on 2 devices
  • Online 2 Player
  • 4 levels of difficulty on Single Player
  • optional visual aids highlight possible moves for user to view before taking their turn
  • beautiful 1920’s inspired theme
  • game rules included

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Game reviews

Average Rating 4.6 out of 5

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I downloaded four different backgammon apps to find the best one. I chose this one as my recommended. There are ads but they are a rectangle at the bottom of the screen, and so far they have been pretty tolerable visually. Unlike other backgammon apps which had ads pop up in the middle of games lasting 30 seconds and/or every time you opened the app.

Game play is what sealed the deal for me. The game rolls the dice for you, then you ‘hold’ the pieces you want to move, the game highlights where you can move for easy visualization, after your move you end your turn. It’s a super clean and simple backgammon game, which is all I want. (I like that this app rolls the dice for me but some might not.)


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